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Extension of time for applying for special jurisprudence

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2021-09-03 10:35:49

Extension of time for applying for special jurisprudence

#Extended application deadline to September 30, 2021 For those who are interested in changing the line of work adjust position and so on Open for new students. Bachelor of Laws program (special program) for those who have already graduated with a bachelor's degree. You can study in any branch. and studying for only 2 and a half years and then graduated

#Extended application deadline from now on
By scanning the QR CODE, join the group, ask questions, talk and apply for classes.
#or apply online through this link >>>>>
#Proud to study law at Suan Sunandha #Extended application deadline until 30 September 2021
Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University College of Politics and Governance Jurisprudence


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