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Local Government Professional Experience Training)From Ms. Emwika Manthong 4th Year Student

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2021-11-04 19:02:23

                       (Local Government Professional Experience Training)From Ms. Emwika Manthong 4th Year Student He chose an internship at Mueang Samut Prakan District Office. Internship Period The internships are in the period 12 July 2021 - 15 October 2021 for a total of three months, with the internship allocated in the administrative department of Muang Samut Prakan District Office. 

                       Work tasks In the first phase of the internship, it was during the COVID-19 situation, and the staff in the department were circling to work to reduce contact and overcrowding. Which makes the first time I meet my brothers and sisters in the alternate side. But when the situation was ok, I got back to full work and saw all my brothers and sisters. The brothers in the very kind side have taught us everything, where the assignments on a daily basis are varied, but most of them will come across paperwork until almost every day, such as printing government books, copying, documenting, routing documents to PTT in Mueang district as a doolecation agency, issuing book numbers, receiving books, routing books to departments, receiving requests for districts, receiving documents off the housing estate (curfew time).Most of the assignments are document work, which requires a lot of prudence to work, which are problems such as: - At the first stage, printing documents is lacking in prudence. Type some data or mistype some words. - Photocopying, with not being used to the photocopier, has misplaced paper. Photocopying is a little bit of a scuffle (it's all about learning really.55555) 

                      In the work that has been done, there will always be brothers in the party or other brothers who will be there to teach (never lonely.555) And most importantly, the internship. Some of the work has actually been used to use the theory of knowledge from the classroom, which gives us a better understanding of the work. We used to meet in class and then we found the real thing, so I got a quicker understanding of the job. What you get from an internship From the internship, I learned how the bureaucracy really worked, saw the work in the same sequential order in the subjects we learned. Have practiced their assignments seriously, got to know how to socialize. Approaching adults, practicing prudence, being mindful of work, remembering information or texts, and also learning to coordinate in the agency. Solving specific problems To work as efficiently as possible For this internship. Thank you to all the staff in the department and in the department. Who teaches you a job. Dule Taker throughout the internship phase will use the knowledge and experience gained in selecting jobs in the future and hopefully these messages will be an internship choice for many others. Thank you✌Ms. Emwika Manthong 4th Year Students in Public Administration, Local Government, College of Politics and Government Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

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